Any Room Can Be a Camera: B. Ingrid Olson Interviewed by Jared Quinton

Jared Quinton, BOMB Magazine, October 13, 2022

Through the use of ambiguous mirrors, exaggerated cropping devices, and treating the frames and photo mats as extensions of the image into material and space, B. Ingrid Olson’s photographs stage an intriguing play between her body and the camera. Her sculptural work, by comparison, takes the form of minimalistic bodily proxies—often indexed to her own form—that direct and interrupt viewers’ engagement with gallery architecture. In two concurrent exhibitions on view at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Olson has produced miniature retrospectives of her photo- and object-based works in tandem with a series of sculptures and interventions that respond to the singular architecture of the building, Le Corbusier’s only structure in North America.


—Jared Quinton


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