• i8, Tryggvagata 16, Reykjavík


    Tryggvagata 16, Reykjavík

    Over its twenty-nine-year history, i8 Gallery has fostered an influential group of artists from its Reykjavík base. The foundation of i8 Gallery is the conceptual rigor and intellectual spirit of its artists’ practices, which subtly unites the diverse roster. The twenty-three artists of the gallery work in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, painting, drawing, video, textile, installation, and performance. 


    i8 Gallery, founded in 1995 by Edda Jónsdóttir and her son Börkur Arnarson, draws its name from its original address at Ingólfstræti 8. The gallery moved to its current location near Reykjavík Harbor in 2010, across from the Reykjavík Art Museum.

  • i8 Grandi, The Marshallhouse | Grandagarður 20

    i8 Grandi

    The Marshallhouse | Grandagarður 20
    In 2022, i8 opened i8 Grandi, the gallery’s second location in Reykjavík that focuses on year-long, single-artist exhibitions. Spanning far longer than traditional museum or gallery shows, i8 Grandi represents a new model for exhibitions. The programming focuses on concepts of space and time, and the presentations will evolve while on view. The annual format allows artists to consider how time affects their work, and the fluidity encourages audiences to revisit the changing installations. Throughout her presentation, Kwade will reconfigure artworks within the space, at times expanding, condensing, or adapting the works on view. Reflecting the evolution within the exhibition, Kwade's show title will continue to change as well.
    i8 Grandi is the gallery’s second location in Reykjavík. Extending over two floors and 170 square metres, the new gallery is located in the Marshall House, a cultural centre in a historic factory building in Reykjavík's Grandi harbour district. i8 joins the Living Art Museum, Kling & Bang, and artist Ólafur Elíasson’s private studio in the Marshall House, along with La Primavera Restaurant on the ground floor. i8’s existing gallery at Tryggvagata 16 will continue its regular programming; the two locations are a fifteen-minute walk apart across the harbour. i8 Grandi will be open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 am - 6 pm, as well as by appointment.

    In 2022, the inaugural year of i8 Grandi featured In Relation to the Sun, to Sequences of Events within 8016 hours, an exhibition by Alicja Kwade; the second year featured Cast of Mind, an exhibition by B. Ingrid Olson for 2023. The third year of the space features Real Time by Andreas Eriksson.