Formation: Emma Heiðarsdóttir, Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson, Una Björg Magnúsdóttir, Örn Alexander Ámundason, Magnús Ingvar Ágústsson and Elísabet Brynhildardóttir

15 November 2018 - 12 January 2019 i8 Gallery

Formation features six emerging Icelandic artists whose work considers the human and the surroundings it creates for itself. With diverse approaches, from exhaustive research to playfulness and humour, the artists take traditional mediums head-on, referencing convention but in contemporary conversation.  


Emma Heiðarsdóttir (b. 1990)  BA, Iceland University of the Arts (2013); MFA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2018). Fascinated with the spaces and structures that frame everyday existence, Emma uses intuition as a tool to explore unknown territories, where thought becomes intertwined with the materiality of space and objects.  Her work is  often site-specific, dealing with the ever-changing boundaries between architecture and sculpture, art and life.


Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson (b. 1988) BA, Iceland University of the Arts (2011); BA, cum laude, Marseille-Mediterranean College of Art and Design (2013). Sigurður Atli has been experimenting with various printing techniques in his practice that also investigates creative process. His work for the exhibition consists of five figures made from a series of adjectives, transformed into clay, and then again, into print.


Una Björg Magnúsdóttir (b. 1990) BA, Iceland University of the Arts (2014); MFA, ÉCAL (2018). Working mainly in sculpture, specifically kinetic sculpture, Una’s work strives toward a performance of objects, with humour always as a significant element.  


Örn Alexander Ámundason (b. 1984) BA and MFA, Malmö Art Academy (2011).  The subject of Örn’s work is often art itself or the act of creating, but although the works themselves have a specific subject, performance is always part of it. Whether the work is a painting, video, or textual work, the artist is never far away as a performer or a participant.


Magnús Ingvar Ágústsson (b. 1991) BA, Design Academy of Eindhoven (2016). Magnús’s work in the exhibition, The Oracle’s Query,is an investigation into the modern world of technology from the perspective of ancient myths. The tapestry expresses the extensive and altering landscape of technology with an ancient and traditional medium.


Elísabet Brynhildardóttir (b. 1983) BA, University College for the Creative Arts (2007). Elísabet works with drawings and the interplay of light and shadow. She examines ideas of impermanence and time with monotonous drawings that transform from 2D into 3D. In her work for the exhibition, Drawing light,a monotonous drawing comes alive with the nuances of the pencil.

Installation Views