8 February - 24 March 2018 i8 Gallery

Time does not exist, no more than the absence of time. Yet, we experience time as the growth and ageing of our loved ones, as the movement of a raindrop upon our living room window. 


Immersed in a non-existent time, humanity drifts between thoughts of the past and the future, granting each moment only a fickle touch. And still we tag along, tethered to the concept of time, alone or together; we live, we move around, breathe and sigh, rejoice and become angry, reconcile and aspire to mature, together as a family. 


In a world without time, the photograph captures what we would call a moment, this mystifying unit that contains the past but always resonates with both the present and what is yet to come. 




For his show at i8 Gallery, Orri exhibits photographs that span three decades of his family history. The works form part of a larger piece, to be released shortly in a book with the German publisher Steidl. They effortlessly present the ingredients of everyday existence, beauty without affectation, intimacy without intrusiveness, photography unconscious of an ideological approach or intent; work where the motivation is love of the subject and the urge to remember. 


Bypassing chronology, Orri creates an assemblage of photographs of his wife, their children, combined with images of cityscapes and landscapes specific to places where the family has made their home. 


This allows for the surfacing of numerous and ever-changing connections between images, locations, realms and different stages of life. With each view of the exhibition, the spectator is invited to sense these connections and reflect on their own lives and family dynamics. 


This is an approach to photography in its clearest essence – not rooted in ideology but rather deriving from a perception and curiosity about what it means to go through life as part of a family.

Installation Views