EGILL SÆBJÖRNSSON : Ùgh & Bõögâr Jewellery

12 October - 25 November 2017 i8 Gallery
The troll sleeps in its cave. Wakes up, falls asleep, breathes, lives and works.
The wind weeps outside. Inside human debris rot. Steam rises from giant troll-
bodies. Putrid organic waste in troll-flesh crevasses, solidified blood in their
unwashed clothes, dried sweat in gigantic armpits, pyorrhea. Here is no time,
here is eternity. From this world stems the texture of the jewels and feature,
noble and earthly.
Ügh and Bõögâr are no newcomers in the arts: The first trolls to showcase their
work in the Venice Biennale. Now they have expanded the art world, their own
and ours, with earthly masterpieces. The soft meets the rough. Life is not a
dance on roses, life is dancing on shoulder blades, the life is to tramp through
marshes and gravel beds, rooting through birch, answering the call of nature in
nature, chasing humans, murdering them and eating. Life is not the beauty of
the sunset, smile, life is the fear of sunrise, fossilized troll foetuses, a fractured
vein on the forehead, cruelty.
To eat is what they can. To eat is what they appreciate. Their studio is near
the source of energy under Gullfoss waterfall, the Venice of Iceland, close to
international circulation, travelers on a conveyor belt. To eat is what they can.
The studio is 2,640 square meters divided into a height of 1,004 square meters,
the upper floor of 694 square meters as well as a space above suitable for trolls.
The cave is bigger in square meters than in official documents as part of it is a
garret. In addition, the basement is 905 square meters. Old interiors, closets,
floors and doors, new furnaces on the upper floor, new gratings in part, other
gratings with new steel and in perfect condition. Recent electricity in part, new
sockets and switches. Switches everything. Switches to.
Installation Views