New Monograph Release B. Ingrid Olson: History Mother, Little Sister: i8 Grandi, Marshallhouse, Reykjavik

27 April 2023 

The first monograph on the Chicago-based artist B. Ingrid Olson (born 1987) accompanies two simultaneous exhibitions: History Mother and Little Sister, which were on view from July to December 2022 at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University. Informed by notions of doubling and mirroring, unexpected uses of footnotes and architectural fixtures as well as the work of figures such as Madeline Gins and Eileen Gray, the exhibitions insinuated her own objects and images into a sometimes tense, playfully knowing relationship with Le Corbusier's famous building, probing the normative, gendered and material experiments of the structure's modular elements of concrete, glass, plywood and primary colours.


The book's innovative design by Chad Kloepfer brings together documentation of the site-specific installation with sketches and reproductions of other works made over the last decade, putting them into conversation with a selection of poetry and criticism that informs Olson's practice. Newly commissioned texts include an introductory essay by exhibition curator Dan Byers, an essay by art historian and critic Leah Pires, an experimental text by Renee Gladman, and a conversation between artist Gordon Hall and B. Ingrid Olson. Joining these texts are reprinted selections of poetry and essays by Andrew Blackley, Jennifer Bloomer, Anne Boyer, Beatriz Colomina, Maria Fusco, Kim Hyesoon, Diane Lewis, Lily Bea Moor, Michael Snow, Olga Tokarczuk, and Rosmarie Waldrop.


The monograph can now be pre-ordered on i8's webshop.

On Thursday, 27 April, between 5 and 7 pm, the new monograph will be released at i8 Grandi, Marshallhouse, Reykjavik, and the fourth iteration of Olson's current year-long exhibition at i8 Grandi, Cast of Mind, will be celebrated with the artist in attendance.


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