B. INGRID OLSON: Elastic X : Secession, Vienna, Austria

29 June - 4 September 2022 

In her exhibition Elastic X, B. Ingrid Olson presents a series of new works: a sculptural installation that both responds to and inverts the gallery’s architectural characteristics, small anthropomorphic ceramics, and multidimensional photographic objects. Whether captured with the camera, machine-made, or cast in a mold, the artist’s works unerringly represent the perceived interrelations between her own body, the bodies of the beholders, and the architectonic body.


 Olson’s art undertakes an insistent exploration of the question of what it means to see and to be seen. Her sculptural and photographic works are studies of the body and space in interaction with the staging of the gaze and connotations of materiality, gender, and power bound up with it.


Programmed by the board of the Secession Curated by Annette Südbeck


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