Alicja Kwade: The Resting Thought: Centre De Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré, Tours, France

2 February - 1 September 2019 

Polish artist Alicja Kwade presents a "The Resting Thought," a monumental new sculptural installation, specifically designed for the Nave of the CCC OD. Through sculptures which probe matter, established value systems, objects and our perception of them, Alicja Kwade's art explores notions of time and space. A labyrinthine structure composed of concrete walls, mirrors, empty metal frames and sculptures, the work invites the spectator to consider the artist's poetic and philosophical questions.


“The Resting Thought”, encourages the viewer to stop for a moment. By using a labyrinthine structure, Alicja Kwade transports us both into an architectural space, as well as into a psychological dimension pertaining to a thought process. She questions reality by highlighting established human systems that help to understand it, such as notions of time and space. Deeply entrenched and accepted in people’s minds, ironically interpretations. In order to better expose them, Alicja Kwade probes matter and modifies everyday objects in order to look deeper. Visitors walking around the installation cause the images to shift and the forms of the sculptures to develop as if in a sequence. This poetic work of art is a complex interplay of reflections on the world around us by increasing the number of perspective and involving our bodies.