VICTOR BOULLET: Social Hypocrite

15 January - 25 February 2004



Victor Boullet’s first show at Gallery i8 in Iceland will open on January 15 2004.  Norwegian born, half Scottish artist Victor Boullet, currently living and working in London, will present new photographic work and a video piece. The title of the exhibition is Social Hypocrite where he illustrates the cameleons of our society metaphorically.


There are three series of work. The core of the exhibition is the untold story of Anton Henry DaSilva and his dead brother Edgar J DaSilva. A complex story of a man in the process of finding out who he is, by questioning his relationship to his brother.


The second series tells of the Japanese man who wants to be Chinese. Here Victor Boullet fictionalises one aspect of the history of the Japanese culture.


Be a Jew. The man who is trying to be Jewish but never feels accepted. The film shown is called Iron and follows a loud-mouthed New Yorker on his tour of a nine hole golf course. The crucial moments of the game, namely the swing and the ball flying through the air, have been cleverly edited out. This removes the actual game leaving a man obsessively showing off.


All these stories are linked by the fact that the people featured are all shown to be social hypocrites. They have a desire to be something they are not, to fit into a world where they do not belong.


The work shown is a continuation of a recent book project A Joyful Confusion. Where the work deliberately sets out to confuse the reader. Despite this, all the various series in the book are in fact connected, it is up to the viewer to discover the connections.