16 January - 9 March 2002

HELENA HIETANEN’s ”TECHNOLACE” most often is a site specific sculpture installation. The final form of the work depends on the form and the height of the final space.

The work consists of stainless steel structure, projectors with halogen lights, partially painted rotating glass discs and optical fibres.


The hundreds of optical fibres are wowen into lace like patterns. Each individual pattern has it’s own source of light. The light is transferred to the optical fibres through the rotating, partially painted glass discs, which creates a visual movement of light in the lace, continuously changing in various speeds.


”Technolace” combines the feminine sensibility of traditional handicrafts with the developed technology of today.


The beauty of the work functions on several different levels simultaneously. It’s subtle changes of light create a meditative atmosphere absorbing the spectator into the art work. At the same time it leads the viewer into a self reflective process of reevaluating the traditional assumptions of beauty and craftmanship. Because of it’s technics the work is entirely contemporary and international yet it carries a certain traditional Northern sensibility referring to different natural phenomena typical to Northern environments: the density of light on winter days, the depht of the long nights silhouetted by stars, filtered moonlight.


-Timothy Persons, September 2000