LORE BERT: Set-theory


Gallery Ingólfsstræti 8 shows works by the German artist Lore Bert. The exhibition runs until September 14 and the gallery is open Thursdays to Sundays from 14 to 18. Lore Bert works with a specific theme and numbers are the guiding memory of this exhibition called Set-theory.


The artist deals with the structure of mathematics, the basic logic that Cantor's set theory is. Lore says she is fascinated by phenomena that are subject to invisible rules, such as the laws and languages ​​that humans have created for themselves. 


Lore says the ideas are objective in her work. The shapes are geometric and she often uses handmade paper from Japan and Nepal. Pillow-shaped rows of paper with cotton in between and round shapes formed from the shredded paper. In her work, Western thought and the Eastern cultural world combine infinity and harmony. The works have a poetic stillness and the colors are light and clear. 


Lore's art is an extension of the art of painting. Since studying painting 40 years ago, she has been expanding the definition of painting through experiments in non-traditional materials. 

(Excerpt from an article in Morgunblaðið, August 21, 1997)