Karin Sander: Kunsthalle Tübingen, Germany

27 March - 4 July 2021 

Over the past four decades Karin Sander has developed an artistic position of her very own in the tradition of Post-minimalism. She smashed the rigid attitude of the Concept Art of the 1960s, expanding it by means of sensually processual-participatory approaches. She responds to everyday, architectural, institutional or social givens with a seismographic intuition and uses subtle interventions to change them. For example, she burnishes images into the wall by turning the quadrature of the conventional placing on the wall into a mirror of the surroundings. Or else she breaches the symbolism of the depiction of an object in a museum, like in the series of “kitchen pieces”, for example, in which instead of the vanitas of a still life, the fruit actually present decays before our eyes.