Ingólfur Arnarsson: Drawings: Harnarborg - Center for Culture and Fine Art, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

12 January - 17 February 2013 

From a distance, Ingólf Arnarsson's drawings appear as almost invisible units, precisely positioned hues, which are not isolated phenomena but part of a well-thought-out installation. The drawings seem conflict-free and the installation is characterized by a balance obtained through a small but precise intervention in the space. Up close, each unit reveals a multi-layered, organic drawing of abstract tones or shadows. Precise craftsmanship, fine workmanship and almost obsessive repetition make the time spent on the work evident. Time thus becomes a part of the work as well as a testimony of the artist's attitude towards the subject.

The exhibition includes drawings from the last two years and a series of forty drawings from 2007 as well as a photograph. The series of drawings from 2007 forms a whole of tightly worked grayscale pencil drawings, it is thus a single work that deals with the nuances of a single color. In the newer drawings, the texture is even tighter, and each one of them therefore contains a lot of time. While the perception of time in the series of drawings is almost a linear reading, it can be said that each one of the newer drawings contains a number of drawings so that time loads up on the visual surface.