BIRGIR ANDRÉSSON: The Infinite Day: Sequences, Reykjavik, Iceland

6 - 15 October 2017 
Birgir Andrésson's "The Infinite Day" (2005) was presented as an outdoor mural at Grandi in Reykjavik as part of the Sequences Art Festival 2017. The work points to the Icelandic sky at a particular moment in the calendar year when daylight takes on an infinite quality, stretching beyond the 24-hour cycle of a day.

Andrésson’s large-scale wall paintings, which are more commonly installed indoors, employ colours designated as being uniquely “Icelandic,” and refer to a fictional colour set created by the artist inspired by the natural environment of Iceland, yet also infused with the artist’s signature wry wit. In this work, time and color are conflated, suggesting that both concepts are dependent on the viewer’s perception and evocative of individual experiences of daylight and infinity.

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