Roni Horn: Well and Truly: Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

24 April - 4 July 2010 
The exhibition conceived by Roni Horn specifi cally for the Kunsthaus Bregenz is the first comprehensive one-person show by the internationally renowned New York artist in Austria. Spanning four floors, the presentation at the KUB presents major works of recent years, thus allowing visitors to gain deep insight into Roni Horn’s artistic practice.

The density implied in the exhibition title “Well and Truly” arouses spatial-sculptural associations of depth, rootedness, and a fundamentally vertical orientation. For the artist these references are very welcome as they allude to a new series of sculptures created especially for Bregenz. Their titles all include the word “well.” In these ten low, round objects – each with a diameter of 92 centimeters and made of solid cast glass – the artist continues her exploration of the material that depending on how it was worked might appear both opaque and transparent, heavy and light, matt and shiny. 

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