Ignacio Uriarte: Office Work: Museum Ostwall - Dortmunder U, Germany

22 April - 19 June 2022 

Ignacio Uriarte's work captivates with elegance the act of repetition and arrangement. This simple starting point allows the aesthetic to emerge in a meditative and repetitive way, putting the process of execution and the materiality of the utensils used in the foreground.


The utensils all come from everyday office life: notepads, pens, staples and rulers. Works of art are created from routine and seemingly boring processes in the working world, reminiscent of minimal art in their formal language. By lining up, mirroring and superimposing a mostly geometric repertoire of patterns and sequences, an analytical-poetic character emerges, which plays with the visual perception of their counterpart.


The exhibition "Office Work" presents a selected overview of Uriarte's artistic work, introducing different techniques and unexpected aesthetic possibilities of ballpoint pens, file folders and drawing triangles.


Ignacio Uriarte studied business administration in Madrid, Spain and Mannheim, Germany and  worked for many years in the administration of large companies before completing his second degree in Audiovisual Art in Guadalajara, Mexico. Subsequently, he decided to quit his office job in 2003 and has devoted himself to art full-time ever since.