Karin Sander: Identities on Display: Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

3 March - 10 June 2017 

For the 25th anniversary of the Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders, the artist, who was born not far from the museum in Bensberg, is showing an extensive complex of her hair drawings (1998), the expansive installation Identities on Display (2013), and a floor work developed especially for the exhibition that reflects the museum's floor plan in the form of a carpet, Ausstellungsraum 1:2 (2017).


Karin Sander's hair drawings, arranged serially throughout the rooms, are equally characterized by minimal use of materials as well as overwhelming expansive fullness. The exhibited hairs, each torn out, dropped onto a sheet of paper and fixed, form fine lines, as individual as the persons belonging to them. The hair, information carrier of personal data, is pars pro toto, a part that characteristically represents its owner and which, individually framed, can certainly be seen as a portrait.


The work Identities on Display also draws the eye to the portrait. The display cases hold visitors' wardrobes and present them in a museum context for the duration of their stay. Individual visitors, with their individual objects and clothing, thus become part of a constantly changing exhibition.

In this way, Karin Sander's exhibition uses a wide variety of groups of works to take up the existing collection at the Villa Zanders Art Museum, which represents part of the identity and history of the museum.