Karin Sander: SKULPTUR / SCULPTURE / SCULTURA: Museion, Bolzano, Italy

30 May - 20 September 2020 

In her exhibitions, Karin Sander humorously alludes to readymade situations, taking as her theme common cultural scenarios in their institutional and historical contexts. In doing so, she intervenes in established structures, altering them, accentuating certain aspects and circumstances and inviting her public to join in. The supposedly familiar is reconceptualised and becomes the starting point of a process of investigation.

The Museion exhibition includes a number of distinctively Karin Sander features. Beginning on the ground floor, Identities on Display consists of a series of glass lockers, conceived as a cloakroom and to be used by visitors as such. At the centre of the exhibition space, Karin Sander has laid down a gigantic carpet with a plan of the exhibition room woven into it, allowing visitors to read the various dimensions, as well as walking or even sitting on them. Like a kind of ballet, the museum’s glass slats open and close, directing the visitor’s attention, first towards a number of the artist’s previous works and then onto the wonderfully faceted landscape outside, which the artist hasreproduced as a 3D printed model, presented in the museum’s interior.


On the occasion of the exhibition Skulptur / Sculpture / Scultura a catalogue was published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne.