Alicja Kwade: MOVING IN GLANCES: Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX, USA

15 September - 22 December 2019 

Alicja Kwade’s work employs ordinary materials such as glass, steel, and concrete to explore the conventions developed by humanity in order explain natural phenomena. In questioning the absolute nature of the concept of time, the metric system, and the value of commodities, Kwade reminds us that reality is not absolute—it is what we have agreed upon collectively as a global society. For this exhibition, the artist is developing a new body of work in Mexico, which will be shown for the first time at Dallas Contemporary, while a sister exhibition will be on view at the List Visual Arts Center at MIT in Boston. Kwade’s collaboratively presented solo exhibitions at the two aforementioned institutions will comprise her largest US museum exhibitions to date.


Curated by Pedro Alonzo, Adjunct Curator