Death is Elsewhere

seven-channel video installation with sound 77 minutes

"Death is Elsewhere" was filmed in the middle of a bright cold midsummer night. Two pairs of lovers play music and walk in a circle in a lush green field surrounded by sloping mountains and a lava field surrounded by sloping mountains and a lava field on the horizon. Seven screens set up in a circle present a panorama of the Icelandic landscape in which the protagonists move from screen to screen in pairs. The sound wanders with them and continuously encircles the viewer.


They declare their love and sing softly of an abstract plane "in the the wind..." before singing the chorus "death is elsewhere" Despite the obvious cold, the musicians continue singing the song again and again.


The song was composed in Kjartansson´s living room in Reykjavik together with the twin brothers Bryce and Aaron Dessner, members of the band The National, as well as the twin sisteres, the Icelandic musicians Kristín Anna and Gyða Valtýsdóttir, all of whom appear in the video. The lyrics were sampled from poems by the American Fluxus author Robert Lax and the ancient Greek poet Sappho as interpreted y the Canadian poet Ann Carson, while the title stems from Alexander Dumbadze´s book on the life and mysterious death of the Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader called "Death is Elsewhere"


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May 30, 2019
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