Ground Level - Reykjavik Art Museum - 3 November - 31 December 2018

New works by Ingólfur Arnarsson will be presented in Gallery A in Hafnarhús.

Arnarsson´s exhibitions are always planned with the space in question in mind and his sparse, but precisely executed pieces have been said to be minimalistic. Thus, an analysis of his work offers an opportunity to connect the work of a contemporary Icelandic artist to the international ideology of contemporary art, although the resulting conversation creates a double existence on the border between minimalism and conceptual art, which is so prominent in Arnarsson´s art work. While minimalism aims to empty the art work of all references outside its own form and materials, conceptual art is based on the reification of an idea which originated outside the art work itself. Arnarsson´s work contain the artist´s fascinating struggle with the idea of the art work itself.

September 5, 2018