RONI HORN: Books – Drawings – Photography: Kunsthaus Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany

4 June - 8 August 2021

The Kunsthaus will open on 4 June 2021 with the comprehensive solo exhibition of New York artist Roni Horn, which will present an insight into her diverse artistic work. Three levels of the building will highlight works on paper, photographs, drawings and book works by the artist, with a focus on themes such as "Weather and Water", "Counsciousness and Perception", as well as the dialogue between language and sensuality.  


Roni Horn (*1955 in New York) studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Yale University. A travel grant enabled her to spend several months in Iceland, which has helped shape her creative work ever since. Horn now lives and works in both New York and Iceland; her works have been shown in numerous exhibitions internationally and are presented in some of the world’s most prestigious museums. Roni Horn always produces extremely innovative and highly poetic works, which revolve, for example, around the mutability of identities, the instability of place and time, of forms and language. All her works incorporate words, phrases or titles – language and literary references are a crucial aspect in her oeuvre.